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Notice Parking Lot/Sidewalk Weed Spraying

Please note that the common area sidewalks and parking lot will be sprayed in the next few days for weed control. Please refrain from small children and/or pets coming in contact with these areas. Thank you.

Parking Reminder

The board has been receiving an increase of complaints regarding Vehicles parking in stalls that are not assigned to them. There have already been written notices placed on the windshields of these vehicles. Starting today, the Board’s city of Edmonton parking bylaw officer will begin writing tickets to any vehicles who have been parking illegally in the parking lot. If you are a unit owner who rents, please do contact your tenants ASAP and let them know about the parking rules that are in place. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the board via writing at the shed unit 229 or via email.

What To Do When Suspicious Activities Occur in Common Areas

There has been an increase in the number and frequency of people who are not owners or occupiers of units loitering in and around the complexes common areas. The Board has spoken with the Edmonton Police Service regarding this and based on their recommendations, would like to make the following suggestions:

  • To decrease the number of loiterers around the complex, please keep your exterior lights on in the evening, both front and back.
  • Should you know that there are people loitering around the complex – DO NOT APPROACH THEM. Instead, call the non-emergency Police line at (780)4234567 and report it.
  • Please also email or drop a letter off at the Board mailbox with details of the loitering (day/time, # of people involved, details) so that we can also report wider statistics to the police and/or bylaw should it continue to be a problem.

The Board has previously looked into increasing the quality of nighttime lighting around the complex by contacting EPCOR for options, however we also want to make sure that the lighting does not affect people’s abilities to sleep at night.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

What To Do When You Suspect Criminal Activity

Recently there has been an increase in alleged vandalism and other crimes both in units and on common property around the complex. Bylaw 46 a) i) does set out that units cannot be used for any illegal or injurious purposes, while Bylaw 60 states that it is each unit owners responsibility to make sure that their tenant(s) follow the Bylaws.

You can help keep our common areas safe by a) keeping your exterior lights on throughout the night, b) cleaning out your vehicles of anything enticing for possible thieves, and c) reporting any suspicious activity to the police.

It should also be noticed that the Board cannot enforce any laws that are allegedly broken on site; however, should you witness a law being broken, PLEASE report it to the police and fill out a report. Then – send a copy of the report (or at least the file #) to the Board for their references. This will help to document what is happening on site in hopes of finding solutions if a trend begins.

Thank you for your attention to this matter – let’s keep watch out for each other!