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Mice Reduction Action Plan

The Board recently had 3 contractors help give ideas on how to reduce/and or eliminate the amount of mice in the complex. Later this spring traps will be set up by contractors near each of the 4 garbage areas in order to help with the process. These traps will contain food for mice to take back to their nesting areas that will poison them.

All contractors agreed that the #1 thing that you as unit owner can do to help with this issue is to refrain from leaving garbage in your rear EUA and the garbage areas longer than it needs to be there. Please adhere to the posted garbage times on the signs at your nearest garbage station whenever possible.

Thank you for your attention to this issue!


Pet Policy

The Board often receives requests for pets to be allowed to stay in their units. Our Bylaws do dictate that all pets must receive Board approval, but many owners are unaware of the guidelines that the Board uses. In 2014 the Board created a Pet Policy. Without limiting the generality, common pet types in the complex are limited as follows:

  • four birds in a cage (if not larger than a parakeet)
  • two birds in a cage (if not larger than a dove)
  • one bird in a cage (if larger than a dove)
  • three domestic cats
  • two dogs (which when full grown does not weigh in excess of 11.33 kg (25lbs)
  • one dog in excess of 11.33 kg (25lbs) but not weighing more than 18.14 kg (40lbs)

Please also note that pets are NEVER allowed off leash in any of the common areas, and that owners/tenants are responsible for any mess their pet makes in the common area. Finally, all pets should be a)licensed by the City of Edmonton and b)be registered with the Board. Owners can request a pet form today by contacting the Board at