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Someone is Parking in My Stall – What do I do?

Driving up to your stall and finding a car parked in it is something that happens every now again. Should this happen to you, you can do the following:

  • Call 311 and alert the City of Edmonton to dispatch a parking enforcement officer to come and write a ticket.
  • Send a note into the Board in writing to unit 229 OR email at with the time, date, stall number, vehicle make/model/color.

Please note that it is NOT ok to park in someone else’s stall should your stall be occupied.

It should be noted that the stalls are all assigned by the Board to unit owners, so if you have any questions regarding the stalls, please contact the Board in writing.

Spring/Summer Parking Stall Rentals Now Available

Please note that March 31 is the end of the Fall/Winter parking rental period and that if you would like to continue to have an extra stall then payment must be made before March 31.

The cost for a stall rental for the entire 6 month period in the spring/summer is $60.

To renew your stall rental(s), please submit a cheque made out to ‘Condo Corp. 762-0801‘ and drop off at the shed at unit 229. Please indicate the stall number(s) being rented and your unit number.

If you do not currently have a stall rented and would like to rent a new stall, please make a request in writing for the stall along with the $60 payment and drop it off at unit 229. You will be contacted with your new stall number, and if there are none available near your unit then your money will be returned to you.

Please note that the maximum # of stalls that each unit may rent is 2 and that all requests for parking stall rentals must come through the unit owners and not the tenants. Thank you.

If you have any questions in this regard please contact the Board via  writing to the shed at unit 229 or via email at

Visitor Parking Reminder

There has been an increase in the number of overnight parking taking place in Visitor Parking. Please note that there is no parking permitted from 11PM – 7AM in visitor parking unless a unit owner has made previous arrangements with the Board and has a pass.

Vehicles who choose to park in Visitor Parking overnight may receive a ticket from the City of Edmonton.

Please also note that there are stalls available for rent as well.

Fire Lane Parking Reminder

There have recently been an increase of instances where vehicles are parking in the fire lane between the North and South parking lots. This is a reminder that unless in cases of an emergency that parking or stopping in the fire lane for any reason is not allowed. Not for 5 minutes, not for 2 minutes. Notices will be sent out to nearby units in the next few days as a reminder. Any vehicle seen parked in the fire lane will be ticketed by Edmonton Bylaw.

Reminder of Speed Limit in Parking Lot

Just a reminder to everyone that the speed limit when driving in and around the complex is 15 km/hr. There have recently been numerous complaints about drivers exceeding that limit by quite a bit.

There are children playing nearby with the warmer weather now here, so also please a close eye out for them as well while driving through the parking lot.

Thank you.

Parking Stall Rental Renewal Information

A reminder to all owners and tenants who have rented additional parking stalls from the Corporation, that your current stall rental period expires at the end of March.

Renewal notices will be sent out in the next few days. Please note that for April 1 – end of September the rental fee is $60/stall, regardless of it is a powered or unpowered stall. It can be paid by cheque or by money order to the shed (unit 229).

Please note that any owner with condo fees in arrears will not be able to renew their stall rental until the arrears is paid in full.

Please contact the Board at if you have any further questions regarding this.

Parking Stall Rental Guidelines

We often get inquiries from owners and tenants inquiring about how to rent additional parking stalls that are available in the complex. Below is the policy and procedure for doing so:

  • Additional parking stalls are available for rent by the Condo Corp. to unit owners in the complex who do not have any condo fees in arrears.
  • Tenants who require an additional stall must have the unit owner contact the Board to rent a stall.
  • Stalls are rented in 6 month cycles, from October 1 until the end of March and from April 1 until the end of September. If a request is made for a stall part way through this cycle, then the cost may be prorated.
  • The cost for the spring/summer cycle is $60 total for 6 months, while the cost for the fall/winter cycle is $150 total for powered stalls and $60 total for an unpowered stall.
  • Requests for stalls must be made in writing or via email. The owner must indicate which parking lot (north or south) they would like and whether they want a powered or unpowered stall.
  • The unit owner will be advised of the general area of the available stalls once a request is made. Once payment is received, the Board will advise the owner the exact location of the stall.
  • Notices for stall renewals will be delivered in September and March to remind owners.