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Notice Parking Lot/Sidewalk Weed Spraying

Please note that the common area sidewalks and parking lot will be sprayed in the next few days for weed control. Please refrain from small children and/or pets coming in contact with these areas. Thank you.

Parking Reminder

The board has been receiving an increase of complaints regarding Vehicles parking in stalls that are not assigned to them. There have already been written notices placed on the windshields of these vehicles. Starting today, the Board’s city of Edmonton parking bylaw officer will begin writing tickets to any vehicles who have been parking illegally in the parking lot. If you are a unit owner who rents, please do contact your tenants ASAP and let them know about the parking rules that are in place. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the board via writing at the shed unit 229 or via email.


A contractor will be painting the numbers on the parking stalls on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 16/16 between 9AM and 6PM. Please have all vehicles removed from the parking lot during that time so that the contractor can complete the numbering. Should you not remove your vehicle from your stall, then your stall will not be numbered and the Board will not be having it done.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Did You Know? – Snow Removal

Winter will be here before you know it, and with that comes the inevitable snowfall around the complex. Our bylaws state that the Board is responsible ONLY for the walkways between units and not the walkways up the units and front steps, but the Board has (and will continue to) made sure that our snow removal contracts include shoveling all the way up to your front door. What it does not include, however, is your parking stalls and curbs.

How can you help? The top 3 ways are:

  1. Please do not place salt or ice melt on your sidewalks or steps. Instead, please use sand. The salt compromises the concrete underneath, causing chipping and cracking, eventually leading to costly repairs.
  2. Please keep your parking stalls free of snow. You can shovel it down into the common are of the parking lot.
  3. Please keep your curbs free of snow to help prevent people tripping on them.

Parking Infraction Crackdown

Lately there has been an increase of parking infractions that are against City of Edmonton and/or Board Bylaws. As a result, the Board will be cracking down on these issues in the upcoming weeks.

Just a reminder that:

  • Visitors should be parked in Visitor Parking only
  • Parking is not permitted in fire lanes or overnight in Visitor Parking.
  • All vehicles parked in assigned/rented stalls must be insured, licensed, and drive-able.
  • Parking in areas where no stalls are marked is not permitted.

Please let the Board know if you have any questions.

Update on Parking Lot

As you may have noticed, the parking lot curbs are getting a well needed painting and renumbering. The South parking lot is complete and the north lot will be worked on next week. Please help our worker complete his job by either a)parking on the main street if you see him working on your section, or b)parking a few feet back from the curb so he can access it. Thank you!

Please also note that we are assessing the state of the asphalt in the parking lot and will assess whether or not more comprehensive repairs need to be done.

Parking Lot Curbs Being Painted

You will notice that our parking lot curbs are beginning to get a much needed refreshing. Please help us get the job done quicker by paying attention to the notices that are going in your mailbox soon – that will ask that vehicles not be in the lot during the day. Thank you.

Someone is Parking in My Stall – What do I do?

Driving up to your stall and finding a car parked in it is something that happens every now again. Should this happen to you, you can do the following:

  • Call 311 and alert the City of Edmonton to dispatch a parking enforcement officer to come and write a ticket.
  • Send a note into the Board in writing to unit 229 OR email at with the time, date, stall number, vehicle make/model/color.

Please note that it is NOT ok to park in someone else’s stall should your stall be occupied.

It should be noted that the stalls are all assigned by the Board to unit owners, so if you have any questions regarding the stalls, please contact the Board in writing.

Spring/Summer Parking Stall Rentals Now Available

Please note that March 31 is the end of the Fall/Winter parking rental period and that if you would like to continue to have an extra stall then payment must be made before March 31.

The cost for a stall rental for the entire 6 month period in the spring/summer is $60.

To renew your stall rental(s), please submit a cheque made out to ‘Condo Corp. 762-0801‘ and drop off at the shed at unit 229. Please indicate the stall number(s) being rented and your unit number.

If you do not currently have a stall rented and would like to rent a new stall, please make a request in writing for the stall along with the $60 payment and drop it off at unit 229. You will be contacted with your new stall number, and if there are none available near your unit then your money will be returned to you.

Please note that the maximum # of stalls that each unit may rent is 2 and that all requests for parking stall rentals must come through the unit owners and not the tenants. Thank you.

If you have any questions in this regard please contact the Board via  writing to the shed at unit 229 or via email at

Visitor Parking Reminder

There has been an increase in the number of overnight parking taking place in Visitor Parking. Please note that there is no parking permitted from 11PM – 7AM in visitor parking unless a unit owner has made previous arrangements with the Board and has a pass.

Vehicles who choose to park in Visitor Parking overnight may receive a ticket from the City of Edmonton.

Please also note that there are stalls available for rent as well.