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Arbor Man Tree Care will be Removing Trees in the complex from November 20-23 (Monday – Thursday)

Please remove all vehicles from the parking lot prior to 7:30am-5:30pm each day. Vehicles are to remain off the lot during these hours.

Vehicles not removed may be tagged and towed at the owner’s expense. Any charges for work to be completed due to non-compliance will be charged to the unit owner.

Neither the Board nor the contractor may be held liable for any damages caused by non-compliance.

Spring Cleanup

Now that the snow is off of the ground and Spring is here, it is now time to start thinking about cleaning up our complex. The Board will be hard at work getting things in proper order in the common areas, and ask that you also look at your front and rear exclusive use areas to see what needs to be picked up/cleaned up. The annual Big Bin event for oversized items that need to go to the dump will be announced in upcoming weeks, along with the annual spring inspection. Once more information is available we will be sure to contact unit owners with all the details!

NEW Reserve Fund Study Now Available

As mentioned during the 2017 Annual General Meeting, the latest Reserve Fund Study for the complex is now available. For a free digital copy of this document, simply send a request via email to and it will be sent over to you.

Fall/Winter Maintenance for Unit Owners

As the weather cools and the seasons change, the Board would like to remind you to take care of the following maintenance items for your unit to prevent any issues during the winter months:

  • Please turn off your outside tap access so that the pipes don’t freeze.
  • Double check your outdoor spotlights and replace where necessary.
  • Please consider pouting a gallon or more of warm water down your main floor drain to help clean out the lines out to the main sewer areas:
  • Please make sure that windows are closed and secured properly to prevent condensation and/or other issues.

Finally, the Board that you do NOT use ice melt or salt on the sidewalks in the common areas, as these product deteriorates the quality of the sidewalk. Instead, please consider sand, traction gravel or organic products such as Ecotraction to address any issues you may have on your walking path.

Thank you for your attention to these matters!

Pothole Repairs in Parking Lot

The Board has been discussing low cost, short term alternatives to patch and repair some of the worst potholes in the parking lot. The medium term/long term plan (subject to receiving our new Reserve Fund Study in Fall 2016) is to have the entire parking lot replaced. This is very costly and will need to be properly timed to ensure that it is done efficiently.

In the meantime, the Board will be filling in some of the deepest potholes over the next week or 2 with store bought asphalt patch to create a short term solution until the lot can be replaced.

Did You Know? – Snow Removal

Winter will be here before you know it, and with that comes the inevitable snowfall around the complex. Our bylaws state that the Board is responsible ONLY for the walkways between units and not the walkways up the units and front steps, but the Board has (and will continue to) made sure that our snow removal contracts include shoveling all the way up to your front door. What it does not include, however, is your parking stalls and curbs.

How can you help? The top 3 ways are:

  1. Please do not place salt or ice melt on your sidewalks or steps. Instead, please use sand. The salt compromises the concrete underneath, causing chipping and cracking, eventually leading to costly repairs.
  2. Please keep your parking stalls free of snow. You can shovel it down into the common are of the parking lot.
  3. Please keep your curbs free of snow to help prevent people tripping on them.

Weed Killer Application This Week

Please note that someone will be through the complex within the next week to spray all of the weeds that are in the hard surfaces (sidewalks, asphalt,etc.) of the common areas. The spraying will take place in the early morning so that it will not affect children. If you do have pets please do be alert to them trying to sniff/consume the weeds.

Garbage Enclosure Completed

The Board’s contractor has now completed the garbage enclosure in the southwest garbage area. The Board has tried this style of enclosure out as a trial to see if it will a)help with garbage blowing around the complex, and b) help the aesthetic look to those areas.

Please note that this does NOT change the fact that garbage should ONLY be placed out on From Monday evening until Tuesday at 7am and Thursday evening until Friday at 7am.

Garbage Enclosure Update

The Board is pleased to announce that we will be building a enclosure around the Southwest garbage area in the few days on a trial basis to see if it will be effective enough to use throughout the complex. The Board hopes that this will be a cost effective, esthetically pleasing way to make sure that any loose garbage that is in the collection area does not blow throughout the complex.

Planting in your Exclusive Use Area

This has been a great growing season – there has been lots of rain, and our common area grassy areas look fantastic. Many owners and occupiers have planted flowers and have made little areas pop with color.

It should be noted that the Board does NOT allow any trees or shrubs to be planted directly into the ground. This is being done to minimize damage to foundations and fences – which we have been replacing.

If you would like a tree or shrub in your rear EUA – the only way this is permitted is for you to place the item in a planting pot. The Board has noticed that there have been a few owners who have been planting trees in the back areas – which is not allowed. These owners will be given notices to remove them. If the owner does not remove them, then the Board will remove them and any costs associated with this will be charged back to the owner.

Please contact the Board if you have any questions regarding this.