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A Response to Owner Asking “Why Do I Have to Write Everything Down?”

Recently a unit owner noticed that there has been more written documentation required to receive responses from the Board. This was an excellent observation!

It is important to note that no Board member acting alone can authorize an act based on a verbal conversation with a unit owner without prior permission given by the Board as a whole. The Board believes that having things written down ‘on the record’ will help to:

  1. Reduce the number of misunderstandings that occur based on a face to face conversation and try to eliminate
  2. Allow future unit owners and Boards have a clearer history of what has occured in the past regarding permissions, policy, and how business was carried out.
  3. Create a faster, more efficient solution to any issues that may have taken place.

With this in mind, if you do have a question/concern/request, it is vital that it be written down and placed in the shed mail slot at unit 229 OR emailed to the Board at

HPOH Bylaw of the Week – Bylaw 71 – Exclusive Use Areas

Did you know that your ‘backyard’ is actually property owned by the Condo Association? It is granted for a unit owner’s use, however. This is Bylaw 71, which states:

The landscaped area and patio within the fenced areas contiguous to an owner’s unit and associated with that unit, the front walkway and steps of the unit, the back steps and lawn immediately in front or back associated with the unit are for the sole use and enjoyment of the unit owner and the Corporation shall specifically grant to the unit owner the undeterminable right to exclusive use and enjoyment of same subject to the general conditions of these By-laws.