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Annual General Meeting This Evening 7 PM Homesteader Community Hall

The March 28 Annual General Meeting did not have a quorum with enough unit owners represented. As such, the alternate meeting date of April 4 will proceed regardless of the number of owners represented, as per condo bylaws.

It will take place on Wednesday April 4 at 7pm and Homesteader Community Hall. Please attend if you are able to. Bring along your proxy for voting rights. If you are unable to attend, you are still able to drop off proxy at shed at unit 229 or email it to with a designate to vote for you.

See you then!



This evening a quorum was not met at our AGM. As a result, the Bylaws state that an alternate AGM may occur 7 days later, regardless of the number of proxies represented. The Board will be having its AGM on Wednesday March 1, 2017 at 7PM at Homesteader Hall.

AGM Reminder

All owners should have received their packages in their mailboxes or in the mail. Just a friendly reminder that are AGM will be taking place this Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Homesteader Community Hall. We also encourage all unit owners who are unable to attend the meeting to sign their proxy over to a board member or a different owner in the complex. That way, we will achieve the necessary number of votes to be able to run the AGM this week. To do this, please assign your proxy form and either take a picture of it or scan and email it to the board at or drop it off in the mailbox at the shed at unit 229. Please also note that only unit owners that are current and up-to-date with their condo fees will be permitted to vote at the AGM.


The Board will be holding it’s annual Annual General Meeting on Wednesday Feb 22 at 7PM (630 Registration starts) at Homesteader Community Hall(Alternate date – March 1 at 7PM). Please look for your AGM packages which will be coming in the mail in the next few days with all the details. Please also remember that you may assign your proxy to another owner, or a Board Member. Please email us at if you have any questions.

AGM Highlights

Last night our 2016 AGM took place at Homesteader Community Hall. Thank you to all who came to take part.

Some topics that were brought up during the course of the meeting included the contents of the AGM package sent out to all owners, as well as subjects from past AGMs that were followed up on.

Congratulations to our new Board of Directors: Jerad Cox (returning), Sandra Morton (returning), Dawn Sand (returning), Daniel Johnson (new), and Nicole Vaudrin (new).

Voting Rights at AGM

As you are now aware of, the HPOH AGM will be taking place on Wednesday March 16 at 7PM. It is important for all unit owners to note that all owners are invited to the meeting. It should also be noted that only unit owners who are up to date with their condo fees are permitted to vote at the AGM. If you currently are in arrears but would like to vote at the AGM on things such s the new Board, it is important to make sure that you get your arrears paid in full before the AGM commences. It should be noted that you will not be able to vote at the AGM if you bring the arrears amount to the meeting itself.

Questions? Make sure to email the Board today!

AGM Package Delivered This Weekend

Please note that the AGM packages have been put together and will be delivered this weekend. Those owners who live on site will have their packages hand delivered to their units and those unit owners who live off site should expect their packages sometime next week via Canada Post.

Remember that the meeting will take place on March 16 at 7pm at Homesteader CL.




The Board has rescheduled the Harrison Place on Hermitage AGM to the following:

March 16/16 (March 23 if quorum is not reached on 16th) Registration at 630 with Meeting Commencing at 7PM at Homesteader Community Hall.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, you may send in your proxy to the Board for them to vote on your behalf.

***Please look for the official notice and AGM package which will be coming shortly to each unit owner’s mailbox***


Change in 2016 AGM

The 2016 AGM had been scheduled for January 20(27) earlier this year. However, due to communication issues, the financial audit has been delayed and as a result of this the Board has chosen to postpone the AGM until sometime in February or March. Unit Owners will be notified via a post on the website as well as through traditional means as per the Bylaws when a new date is set.


The Board has booked January 20, 2016 (January 27 if quorum cannot be reached on the 20th) at 7PM as the date for the 2016 Annual General Meeting. The meeting will take place at Homesteader Community Hall. You will receive official notice complete with AGM package and information as the date approaches.