2017 Fence Replacement – Preparations

As stated previously, the fence replacement plan will finish in 2017. Unit owners who are affected will be sent a notice in the upcoming days that will outline their responsibilities to prepare their rear Exclusive Use Areas for the fence replacement and regrading to take place. This will include removing all trees and shrubs from these areas. The Board is doing this very early as it has been stated by arborists that tree removals are still possible in the winter months, and that the costs are often less than in the spring/summer.

Please also note that should any unit owner fail to prepare their rear Exclusive Use area properly by the date given that the Board will hire a contractor to complete the necessary work at the unit owners expense, as per the Bylaws.

Please contact the Board at hpoh229@hotmail.com or in writing at the shed unit 229 if you have any questions. Thank you.


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