Fall/Winter Maintenance for Unit Owners

As the weather cools and the seasons change, the Board would like to remind you to take care of the following maintenance items for your unit to prevent any issues during the winter months:

  • Please turn off your outside tap access so that the pipes don’t freeze.
  • Double check your outdoor spotlights and replace where necessary.
  • Please consider pouting a gallon or more of warm water down your main floor drain to help clean out the lines out to the main sewer areas:
  • Please make sure that windows are closed and secured properly to prevent condensation and/or other issues.

Finally, the Board that you do NOT use ice melt or salt on the sidewalks in the common areas, as these product deteriorates the quality of the sidewalk. Instead, please consider sand, traction gravel or organic products such as Ecotraction to address any issues you may have on your walking path.

Thank you for your attention to these matters!

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