Roof Replacement Complete

Yesterday marked the end of the roof replacement to close to 50 of the units in the complex. The contractors have done an absolutely excellent job, and there has been rave reviews by almost every owner to the work.

One question that has come up is regarding the venting changes that has occurred with the new roof. When getting quotes for the work late last year, the Board was advised by each of the 5 contractors that provided quotes that having vents on both sides of the roof was a big error. Having vents on both sides causing the warm air to simply circulate inside the attic like a convection oven rather than escape outside like it should. This may have been a major contributor to why there have been so many issues with the shingles this early.

The contractors have made sure that all venting is on the back side of each unit and that there is enough proper ventilation in the attic space. Future work on the units that didn’t get done this year will have the same specs.

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