Planting in your Exclusive Use Area

This has been a great growing season – there has been lots of rain, and our common area grassy areas look fantastic. Many owners and occupiers have planted flowers and have made little areas pop with color.

It should be noted that the Board does NOT allow any trees or shrubs to be planted directly into the ground. This is being done to minimize damage to foundations and fences – which we have been replacing.

If you would like a tree or shrub in your rear EUA – the only way this is permitted is for you to place the item in a planting pot. The Board has noticed that there have been a few owners who have been planting trees in the back areas – which is not allowed. These owners will be given notices to remove them. If the owner does not remove them, then the Board will remove them and any costs associated with this will be charged back to the owner.

Please contact the Board if you have any questions regarding this.


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