Fence Warranty Work Information

For all owners who had their fences replaced last year, we are now nearing the end of our warranty period. The contractor has attempted on numerous occasions to enter every rear EUA from last year’s work and double check gates, boards, etc.

However, some unit owners have their gates locked, making it impossible for this work to be done.

If you have any concerns with you gate or fence, please write or email the Board your unit# and concern BEFORE JULY 21/16. The contractor will be notified of the issues and will select a day to come and do the warranty work. You will then receive a notice as to the days/times the contractor may be in your rear EUA to complete the work.

Please note that your gates MUST be unlocked for this work to be done. Should you not have your gates unlocked when the contractor does his final warranty walk through, then you will be responsible for any repairs that need to be done.

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