2016 Fence Replacement Details

Fence replacement materials will be on site in the middle of May. As part of the fence replacement program, there will be some changes to the backyards of owners getting their fences replaced. They are as follows:

  • units 283 to 297 will be having their yards extended out by 1 or 2 feet as their current yards are shorter than anywhere else in the complex.
  • West units (197 to 209 and 263 to 281) will see their fences rebuilt 1 to 2 feet closer than the current fence is. This is to help facilitate contractors when work needs to be done in those areas in the future. The Yards will still be as deep or deeper than most of the Yards in the complex.
  • The Western units that are on the corners will see their Gates moved from the side of the unit to the back Fence as it is with the rest of the units in the complex. The fenceline will then go directly back from the edge of the unit rather than flare out, giving additional walking space that is again for contractors to be able to access those areas when they need to.


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