Spring/Summer Parking Stall Rentals Now Available

Please note that March 31 is the end of the Fall/Winter parking rental period and that if you would like to continue to have an extra stall then payment must be made before March 31.

The cost for a stall rental for the entire 6 month period in the spring/summer is $60.

To renew your stall rental(s), please submit a cheque made out to ‘Condo Corp. 762-0801‘ and drop off at the shed at unit 229. Please indicate the stall number(s) being rented and your unit number.

If you do not currently have a stall rented and would like to rent a new stall, please make a request in writing for the stall along with the $60 payment and drop it off at unit 229. You will be contacted with your new stall number, and if there are none available near your unit then your money will be returned to you.

Please note that the maximum # of stalls that each unit may rent is 2 and that all requests for parking stall rentals must come through the unit owners and not the tenants. Thank you.

If you have any questions in this regard please contact the Board via  writing to the shed at unit 229 or via email at hpoh229@hotmail.com

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