Summer Reminders

Everyone is happier now that the sun is out and it is officially Summer. The sun is out later (and earlier) and people often take more vacation time. The Board would like to remind you of a few things that often come up this time of year:

1 – Noise – Please remember to respect your neighbors by keeping noise (both in your unit and outside) down from 10PM – 7AM as per the city of Edmonton noise ordinances. Please also note that this includes any work you are doing in your unit or EUA.

2 – Dogs – Remember that dogs must be kept on leash within the complex boundaries and that you are responsible for cleaning up your dog’s messes. Also, please make sure that your dogs are not excessively barking outside as per the Bylaws.

3 – Garbage – Again it should be noted that putting your garbage in your rear EUA or out to the disposal areas early encourage birds and mice to come for food, making a larger mess that is unsightly and causing more health hazards. Please keep your garbage in a closed container if being kept in your back areas and ONLY place your garbage out from Monday 7PM to Tuesday 7Am and Thursday 7PM to Friday 7AM.

4 – Toys/Bikes – There has been an increase in the number of items being left in front areas as well as stuffed in window wells.Please note that these items should be stored in your back areas when not in use, as contractors and lawn maintenance people will be on site during the day and will have to move it. Also please note that the board is not responsible for any damaged or stolen items left in these areas.

5 – Parking Lot – Kids are running around the complex more now that they are on Summer break from school. PLEASE adhere to the 15km/hr limit while in the Parking lot and keep an eye out for the little ones.

With the work happening around the complex it will definitely be an exciting time around Harrison Place over the next few months!

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