Board Communication

The Board has been getting some excellent feedback lately regarding its plans for fence replacement, re-grading and tree removal. One of the biggest concerns that owners are sharing is that there is not enough in person communication. Many owners feel that they would like to be able to get questions answered by the Board if the see a member out and about in the complex.

It should be noted that a single Board member cannot make a decision for the Board, nor can anything shared verbally be considered an official decision from the Board unless it is in writing and done through a Board meeting.

In the past, owners have taken informal conversations with Board members as official decisions, when this is not the case. Here are some examples of recent comments owners have shared with Board members when observed violating the Bylaws:

“I was told by someone on the Board that I could park here”

“I asked (Board Member) last week and they said it was ok”

“The Board said I could build it here 15 years ago”

These are misunderstandings that the Board wants to avoid with the owners.

As a result, the Board has tried to implement a more formal way to communicate with owners to try and reduce the number of misunderstandings based on these types of conversations.

The Board also understands and appreciates the importance of face to face communication. It is important to note that any owner may communicate face to face with the Board at its regularly scheduled meetings, as long as there has been a request to speak as a guest.

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