Fence Replacement Details

Thank you to all unit owners who have responded with your questions, comments, and concerns around the Board’s plan for re-grading, tree removal, and fence replacement this year.

The Board felt that it was good to include some further details on the fence replacement so that there are fewer misunderstandings:

1 – The new fence will be wood just as the complex has now. However, the posts will be larger in size in order to be more structurally sound and hopefully last longer.

2 – There will not be a security fence built along the perimeter of the complex to the North next to the ravine. The Board asked for feedback on this issue and 100% of that feedback was that it was not something owners thought was needed.

3 – The primary function of having the tree/shrub removal is for the security and safety of the new fences being built as well as the units foundations. The Board’s #1 unexpected cost over the past 5 years have been due to foundation issues, partly attributed to have trees too close to the buildings. There have also been numerous situations where trees have caused damage to fences as well.

Please contact the board at hpoh229@hotmail.com should you have any further questions on this matter.



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