Proposal for Additional Fencing in North Section of Complex – Feedback Requested

As the Board moves forward with their plan to begin replacing fencing around the complex, the idea of adding additional chain link fencing to the area bordering the ravine has been brought up. This fencing would be in addition to the wood fencing currently in place to designate unit owners rear Exclusive Use Areas. Quotes for 6, 8, and 10 foot heights are currently being requested.

The potential positives in doing this is to decrease the amount of unwanted foot traffic through the complex and increasing the security to the items in the backyards of those units who face the ravine. This would also mean that those accessing the ravine would have to walk to the city sidewalk next to the complex rather than having direct access.

Please give any feedback you may have on this issue directly via email to or through a written note to the shed at 229.



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