Parking Stall Rental Guidelines

We often get inquiries from owners and tenants inquiring about how to rent additional parking stalls that are available in the complex. Below is the policy and procedure for doing so:

  • Additional parking stalls are available for rent by the Condo Corp. to unit owners in the complex who do not have any condo fees in arrears.
  • Tenants who require an additional stall must have the unit owner contact the Board to rent a stall.
  • Stalls are rented in 6 month cycles, from October 1 until the end of March and from April 1 until the end of September. If a request is made for a stall part way through this cycle, then the cost may be prorated.
  • The cost for the spring/summer cycle is $60 total for 6 months, while the cost for the fall/winter cycle is $150 total for powered stalls and $60 total for an unpowered stall.
  • Requests for stalls must be made in writing or via email. The owner must indicate which parking lot (north or south) they would like and whether they want a powered or unpowered stall.
  • The unit owner will be advised of the general area of the available stalls once a request is made. Once payment is received, the Board will advise the owner the exact location of the stall.
  • Notices for stall renewals will be delivered in September and March to remind owners.

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